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西瓜 (the host's "name" - translates to watermelon) (W) & Zhou Mi (M)

W: It's come to this time; good morning, this week's last half hour of Little Miss Sunshine has begun. So what will we do in this last half hour? It's all Super Junior's world. Last week I went to their concert, and it was my first experience. Super Show, with this name, it's very good, a very apt name for it. It's as fun as a circus, a brilliant performance. It was an unforgettable experience, and the atmosphere of the live concert was also excellent. I won't go into too much detail, because this tour is ongoing, so there's no reason to expose the story first, but just know that every member is working hard in order for ELF to have an unforgettable night. Those crying when they must part are still crying happy tears. "Ah, Ryeowook was so close," saying this, you can already be very happy. "Oh, Siwon's muscles are so pretty!" "Eunhyuk's clothes are so much like Jim's!" (note: Jim is another DJ at that radio station.) Saying things like this, it's very happy. And also, from this concert, a member of SJM has stayed behind, and he's left some time for me to interview him about many things. It's Zhou Mi, so this half hour is his interview time. Quickly, like Little Miss Sunshine's page, because we've already said that we'll be giving out a signed copy of his book, so quickly go like this page on facebook, and we'll tell you how you can get this book afterwards. I'm very nervous; this is the first time seeing this member in the live broadcasting room. He dances very powerfully for us to see, Super Junior M's member Zhou Mi - hello~
M: (in Cantonese) Hello, hello everyone, I'm Super Junior M's Zhou Mi.
W: Hello hello, Zhou Mi is very tall
M: (in Cantonese) Really? haha
W: Of course, really, this person is tall, and his nose is also very tall, and he's very slender, a lot like a performer. Apart from singing in SJM, he has his own solo song.
M: Yes, yes a slow song called Distant Embrace, in our new album, Break Down, which was released in February, and we invited a very famous artist, Michael Wong, to compose for me. And I heard the lyrics were written by a very famous artist in Hong Kong, and I'm very happy that I can sing lyrics that a person from Hong Kong wrote for me. And I hope my Hong Kong friends will like this solo song, called Distant Embrace.
(song playing: Distant Embrace)
W: Zhou Mi's solo is a Mandarin song, but SJ and SJM are Korean groups, so why are you singing a song in Mandarin?
M: Well, because I'm a Chinese person, Chinese is my native language, and I also hoped that even though I'm in a Korean company, this song could be compatible with Chinese people, and I hoped that this song could resonate with my own people, and everyone who listens to Chinese music. So I told the company that I hoped could be created together by Chinese artists and Korean producers, and Distant Embrace was made.
W: When I went to see the concert, it felt very homely. You made sure to speak some Cantonese.
M: (in Cantonese) Cantonese~
W: But the show I went to was on Sunday the 16th, and when you tried to speak Cantonese, you couldn't get the words out.
M: (in Cantonese) The 16th. Actually, what I meant to say was "I feel like yesterday's concert was a warm-up." (in Mandarin) warm-up. (in Cantonese) But I forgot how to say warm-up, it's a.... a... a what?
W: Hahaha I saw that the members by you were trying very hard to help you, but they didn't know either.
M: (in Cantonese) Yes, the word they thought of to help me wasn't the word I wanted to say.
W: Then all of us in the audience were all anxious for you; (we thought) aiya, what are they trying to say? Is there any way we can help them?
M: (in Cantonese) I felt like everyone really wanted to help me.
W: Right, in fact that atmosphere was very supportive.
(song playing: It's You)
W: We're all very strange, because SJM has produced a lot of songs, written a lot of lyrics, for example 爱你爱你 (Love You Love You), and I also really like listening to GO. I think it's very good.
M: (sings) Let's go go go~
W: That's right, and you're also involved in the production of others' songs; out of all the lyrics you've written, work you've done, which of your own works do you like best?
M: My favorites are Love You Love You and Love Relay, and then there's also the song I wrote for Kangta qianbei, called Remember. These three songs left a relatively deep impression on me, because Love You Love You was the first work I produced, so I have many pictures in my mind from that song's lyrics. And Remember was different from what I'd written before, because all of the others were very cute, and Remember was the first time I wrote ballad lyrics, for Kangta, and the first time when I was writing, I felt like it really had imagery; you don't have to have too much of an idea of the content--the lyrics will already have been conceived in your mind, and it'll come out line by line.
(song playing: Remember)
W: Kangta, do you have any opportunities to see him?
M: I regularly see him
W: Really? When we were young, he was also our...
M: Idol.
W: Right.
M: He's also a qianbei I respect a lot.
W: It must have been an unforgettable collaboration.
M: Right, and we also often see him at concerts, and regularly go out to eat hotpot with him.
W: Wow, so nice~
M: (in Cantonese) He really does like China, really likes (in Mandarin) hotpot. Shabu-shabu. (note: shabu-shabu is a Japanese dish similar to hotpot.)
W: That's hotpot.
M: (in Cantonese) Fire ge (note: he meant to say hotpot, but he pronounced it wrong)
W: I know that recently he's been filming a drama in mainland China.
M: Right, a movie, and a drama.
W: So you can meet often.
M: But we see each other more in South Korea.
W: Oh, really?
M: And when we eat hotpot, we eat it in South Korea.
W: Ah so right now, do you spend most of your time working in South Korea, or flying to different places?
M: (in Cantonese) In fact, I fly to different places quite a lot, but afterwards I return to South Korea.
W: Oh, so you're already going back to South Korea. Then don't you miss home a lot?
M: (in Cantonese) I miss it a lot, because there aren't a lot of opportunities to go back home, just once a year.
W: Before this interview I actually saved a few questions for your colleagues, but what I'm asking now has already gone beyond those questions, because chatting with you, it's very friendly, thank you, I'm actually very nervous
M: (in Cantonese) Thank you thank you, you don't need to be nervous
W: I'm really very nervous... Apart from you, in SJM, there's another person, Henry, another member. So he's already had a solo (debut); in fact, Henry's very young, and the feeling he gives is a very youthful one; he's also younger than you.
M: (in Cantonese) Yes, before debut I also felt that Henry was very young, (in Mandarin) very small. (in Cantonese) But looking at him now, I feel like, oh, he's grown up.
W: Hahaha
M: Because he's already twenty-four years old.
W: Really? He looks like he's nineteen.
M: He's not, so the last time we saw each other, I felt that he's grown a lot bigger.
W: He's matured a lot.
M: (in Cantonese) He's matured a lot.
W: So he can sing this song, Trap. Then will you have an opportunity to have a Korean solo song next?
M: Right now I'm working hard to find some musical styles I like, and also genres of music I haven't tried before, and then I'll coordinate some opportunities to release Korean songs with the company, and next everyone will be able to listen to my new song when it emerges, yes.
W: Zhou Mi, apart from having his Chinese song, knows how to write song lyrics, and he also knows how to write a book, so he released this book, which I'm holding in my hand. Actually, I'm afraid of this kind of packaging...
M: (in Cantonese) Why? Is it because it's like a CD?
W: Because, yes, it's like a CD, because the shape of the book is long, and it's meticulously wrapped, but you might scrape your hand one it, if you're not careful.
M: (in Cantonese) You have to be a little careful.
W: But I think this is for the imaginations of those who like you, because on the outside cover your ideas are written, and when you open it there are lots of pictures. So why did you decide to write a travel book?
M: Because after debut the first foreign country I visited was Thailand, and South Korea doesn't count, because I was in South Korea since before debut, and after visiting Thailand, I felt that Thailand was a very special country. Its culture, and its cuisine, its architectural style and the cities' colors--it was all different from what I'd seen in the past; it has an air of mystery about it. And after going a few times for activities, and after going to Thailand to play, I felt that I should take my imagination, and my thoughts on the beautiful country of Thailand, and make recommendations for those who haven't been to Thailand in my own way. So then came this book, Thai Perfect, with my idea in the very beginning.
W: It's a very thoughtful idea. I hope everyone can know themselves better (referring to Zhou Mi), know the cities better. In the book a lot of different places were introduced; can you select one to recommend, a little bit?
M: The place I recommend most is the weekend market in Bangkok. Chatuchak.
W: You definitely need to go to Chatuchak.
M: You definitely have to, right?
W: Right, you definitely have to go here. Did you know they're about to open now?
M: Really?
W: Yes.
M: Because I know my Hong Kong friends would really like it there, in Chatuchak.
W: Really like it.
M: Because before, I assumed that only I liked it, because well I'm a young person, so I assumed only I liked it, and then in the beginning of this year I brought my parents to Thailand to play, and then I realized that in those places, families of elderly people would like it too. Because there, there are many things to eat, and many decorations, as well as furniture, clothes... They're all sold there. So every year you can come and choose the things you like.
W: So I think everyone needs to go there quickly, because this place has a long history. It's really worth visiting.
M: (in Cantonese) Then I want to go again.
W: You want to go again~
(Song playing: Goodbye My Love)
W: I noticed, in this book, all the pictures are of you.
M: (in Cantonese) I made it myself.
W: You made it yourself, you wrote it yourself. It was a very elaborately prepared travel diary.
M: Diary.
W: It's a lot like a diary. If you were to choose another member to come traveling with you, who would you choose?
M: (in Cantonese) I would probably choose (in Mandarin) Siwon or Kyuhyun. The reason I'd select Siwon would be because there was a period of time when he really liked to take pictures; he liked to carry a camera around, so I thought, if it's like this, he can help me take pictures, haha.
W: That's not a bad idea! You can take pictures of each other.
M: Right, we can take pictures of each other, and Siwon is quite handsome, his body is good, so if we go to the beach, it would be pretty ok.
W: Then what about Kyuhyun?
M: Kyuhyun, it's because he and I share a hobby. We both like to find some time to travel outside of the country, by ourselves, and, well, I think that actually very few people like to go traveling by themselves outside of the country. And I found a place that Kyuhyun has been to by himself that I've also been to, Chiang Mai.
W: It's a very pretty place, very different from Bangkok.
M: Right, it's relaxing.
W: So have you ever put your travel experiences and your feelings into a song?
M: I have, actually- but it would be in my previous works, because right now what I write tends to be based off of love stories, about the love, the feelings between men and women. But I also kind of want to write a song about myself, one person traveling, one person's feelings. So maybe if there's a song that fits it, I can write lyrics, about the mentality of a person traveling alone.

W: Okay, you've talked about how you travel to relax, and you've also talked about work, mainly the release of your new book, and you're a member who sings. In the future, will you try to develop in other, different fields?
M: (in Cantonese) Actually, apart from releasing a book, I've been filming, but when it comes to filming (acting) I'd like to find some (in Mandarin) roles (in Cantonese) with a different feeling. How do you say it? (in Mandarin) Roles.
W: Roles. (teaching Zhou Mi how to pronounce it)
M: (in Cantonese) Roles. (in Mandarin) Right, and I would also like to play a few villainous characters, a kind of handsome murderer.
W: Wow, a murderer! Actually, in your concert...
M: (in Cantonese) You saw it?
W: I really did go to see it~
M: (in Cantonese) It's really like that.
W: It's really like that? That's very ok~
M: (in Cantonese) After I filmed all of those, it really seemed like it fit that role's feel
W: But this time you won't (use a gun to) shoot the other members?
M: I won't, haha.
W: Because the plot was like this. I remember it very clearly. I went home and I was still thinking about it, hmm, the time before was very hard to understand haha (she means the VCR). It's a little hard to understand, right? But they were shot very prettily, those videos.
M: Thank you, thank you. Right, because they were shot in Korea, in February, and the VCR you saw, it was only two minutes?
W: About that much.
M: About two minutes, but we filmed for a whole day.
W: Wow, because it has to be filmed from all of those angles so well, so accurately. Also there was a stage I thought was very cute, but I don't know if I can say it...
M: Cosplay
W: Yes, the cosplaying one; you played Woody. You didn't play with the same toys as the others.
M: (in Cantonese) Woody~! Toy Story. Don't you think Woody and I are very alike?
W: Kind of alike, but Woody is a little rude. You're rather lively.
M: (in Cantonese) Actually in the beginning, when I first found him, no one thought we were alike, but after cos(playing), now the members all think, "Woody is a lot like you. Even when you're not wearing those clothes, you're very alike."
W: Wait a second, I'll see, I'm visualizing a cowboy hat, with that kind of feeling. So in your next role, if you have an opportunity, you could be a cowboy.
M: Like in Super Show, we'll do roleplaying, cosplaying
(Song playing: GO)
W: I'm really thankful that today you came to share your thoughts, thank Zhou Mi a lot. I hope I'll see you next time.
M: (in Cantonese) Okay, everyone, I'll see you next time. Bye bye!

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