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@zhoumi_419: 곰방와,SJM노 조미데스!ㅋㅋㅋ
[Trans] @zhoumi_419: Good afternoon, I'm SJM's Zhou Mi! kkk

t/n he transliterated Japanese into Hangul ^^

Trans by @SunshineZhouMi

@kangta: 여기는 베이징~~~참 오랜만에 왔네요~~ㅋ
[Trans] @kangtaThis is Beijing~~~ came after a really long time~~k

Zhou Mi's RT
@zhoumi_419: 저도베이징가고싶어요,형 샤브샤브 많이많이 드세요!
[Trans] @zhoumi_419: I want to go to Beijing too, Hyung. Eat lots and lots of shabu-shabu !

Kangta's reply
@kangta: @zhoumi_419 한국에서 같이먹자~~^^
[Trans] @kangta: @zhoumi_419 Let's eat it together in Korea~~^^

Trans by @nksubs

@zhoumi_419: 도쿄돔 콘서트 잘끝났어요,일본팬들 찐자 짱짱짱이다! 눈물나와 ㅠㅠ 큰감동! 谢谢日本的你们让我可以尽情放肆大声的唱歌!
[Trans] @zhoumi_419: The Tokyo Dome concert has ended well, Japan fans are really awesome awesome awesome! I'm tearing ㅠㅠ super touched! Thank you Japanese fans(,) you guys made me able to sing loudly to my heart's content!

Trans by @teukables




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