[130728] China Times: 'Zhou Mi brings RIMOWA on vacation'


Title: Zhou Mi brings RIMOWA on vacation

Going on a vacation with Zhou Mi must be very interesting, being a member of Korea's famous boyband Super Junior-M (SJ-M), Zhou Mi often goes to different parts of the world to perform, currently being at Tokyo Dome, will be traveling to Thailand next, and a consecutive 3 day show at Taipei Dome, many fans have already snatched tickets for all 3 shows, preparing to spend 3 consecutive days of fun with their idols.

Super Junior's 5th tour, aside from having Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun and other members on stage, SJ-M's Zhou Mi and Henry are also included in the concert line-up, Zhou Mi expresses that he is very looking forward to it, previously when he came to Taiwan to promote his new book, the food has left him a great impression, (he) went to Shi Lin night market, Ning Xia night market and some other well known night markets, he admitted (he) likes Taiwan, if he has the opportunity to revisit Taiwan, he can be the tour guide of his fellow members.

Zhou Mi loves to travel, and he has recorded his Thailand vacation into a book, in the future he hopes to writes about Taiwan's night market delicacies, as someone who loves shopping, he revealed, whenever he's on a vacation, he prepares an empty suitcase, towards the end of the trip, the empty suitcase would have already been filled to the brim, sometimes he loses control, he even buys an extra suitcase in the vacation country, Super Junior members all agree that he is the member who shops the most, and also the vainest member.

Source: Chinatimes.com
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