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@zhoumi_419: 穿着好朋友 @tina700428 设计的衣服去今天的拍摄工作!好看^_^
[Trans] @zhoumi_419: Wearing clothes my close friend @tina700428 designed to today's filming! Looks good^_^ 

(Tina Wang is Zhou Mi's close friend who also wrote a number of songs on the Breakdown album)
Trans by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi

@zhoumi_419: @oh_jimin @imSMl 뮤지컬 "잭더리퍼"보러왔어요,우리 주인공 잘생긴성민이형이랑예쁜제이민이,너무너무잘해요,연기최고,노래최고,무대도최고!!다들빨리빨리보러가세요!!
[Trans] @zhoumi_419: @oh_jimin @imSMl came to see musical "Jack the Ripper", our main role handsome Sungmin hyung and pretty Jmin-ee, they did very very well, best acting, best songs, and best stages!! Everyone, hurry hurry and go watch it!!

J-Min's reply:
@oh_jimin: @zhoumi_419 조미오빠~ 와줘서 고마워~^^ 반가웠다 wo gege! wo de shouji meiyou zhongwen de 키보드 ㅠㅠ zaijian gege!
[Trans] @oh_jimin: @zhoumi_419 Zhou Mi oppa~ thank you for coming~^^ It was nice to see you, my gege! My phone doesn't have the Chinese keyboard ㅠㅠ bye gege!

(J-Min is a solo artist under SM Entertainment)
Trans by @nksubs




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