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@宋秉洋BY: Thank you everyone for your blessings! Thank you, Yang Yus (his fans)![爱你][爱你] In the blink of an eye it's already my second birthday in the United States; I suddenly realized it's been a long time since I had a birthday in Chengdu. This year I'm suddenly very homesick... I miss my family, my good friends[泪]... Thank you guys, and thank you to my fans who have stayed by me. I'll live each day to its fullest, and make even better works in the future; I love you guys[酷]

Zhou Mi's reblog:
@周觅_SJM: Bing Yang, happy birthday 
[蛋糕] I miss you too! Look after yourself in the United States; I'm looking forward to your good music.

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