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I care about how I evaluate myself
8 of us have been together for so long, not because of how difficult the songs are or how big the stages are, but because of how we've gotten used to having these people by our side. Having them by my side makes me relax. When I'm alone, no matter how prepared I am, I will still feel a little uneasy. 

Intro: Doesn't like riding white horses, he'd rather walk on the ground with his bare feet, because it gives him more stability. If someone says the flowers and poison in life are equivalent, then Zhou Mi's experiences are way more complicated. He's been through darkness, he's been through hope, he believes the darkness you see is because of the light shining from behind your back, as long as you stay positive and go on. His wisdom, doesn't revolve around professional research, but knowing how to make a right decision at the right time.

 Zhou Mi's memory is so scary. Even for people whom he have only met once, he will remember their name, the place they met and the details. If he isn't a singer, he could totally have opened his own detective agency. Makes me wonder if remembering so many things is hard for him, but for the people whom he remembers, it sure is something very sincere, because it proves that he had whole-heartedly communicated (with said person) then. This guy is straightforward, he has overcame obstacles and come his way, what he's pursuing now is "calmness". This "calmness" is referring to attitude (towards things) and not pace. From singing to acting to his own newly released book <Thai Perfect>, next he still will have plans that are out of your expectations.

COSMO: Are you someone who will give yourself a long-term goal?
Zhou Mi: A short-term one! I feel that a long-term one will be unreliable. Because we can only see our current situation, so setting a short-term goal is good, you can see the result, it is more realistic. Actually as an artiste we can't do whatever we want to do, I probably can just fulfill them one by one using my own way, advancing towards the top actively.

COSMO: Will you care about how people evaluate you?
Zhou Mi: I don't really care about the evaluation from outside people, instead I actually care about the evaluation I give myself. Sometimes you have to believe in your own views and opinions. I am very realistic with understanding myself, good is good, bad is bad. However, I am looking forward to the future! There was this message while I was in university, you might not gain success even if you work hard, but if you never work hard, you'll never succeed. So regardless what you're doing, you have already succeeded 50% once you've made your first step, the rest depends on how hard you work.

COSMO: I can feel that you love to travel from your new book <Thai Perfect>, what does vacations bring you?
Zhou Mi: Relaxation! I will bump into fans, (meeting) romance not yet, haha. I became an artiste before I even graduated from university, actually artistes and office workers are the same, it's quite stressful, going on a vacations allows you to relax. Going to an unfamiliar country, experiencing something completely new, you will unwind even more thoroughly. Following "SUPER SHOW" to Thailand after debut, I find that (the place) is full of it's charm, after that we also went to Europe, (it is) very interesting. 

COSMO: You're always smiling, behind that smile are there many things you have endured which we are unaware about?
Zhou Mi: I like to smile, because my mom says a person must always be happy. She says, singing is something you love to do, if it becomes your burden because of some external issues, then you might as well not do it, and lead a simple life. If you like doing it, then you should face it positively. Regardless of what the outcome will be, as long as the process is happy, enriching, and one of a kind.

Scans by: 低调的华丽丽-TB / nalin0203_ / 莉莉宝宝_haohaohyuk
Trans by @myeocihi for @SunshineZhouMi
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