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@广东卫视: #爱情闯进门#24日开播,亚洲当红偶像上演虐心三角恋】在现实生活中与@周觅_SJM 关系很不错的@宋茜-fx--victoria 在剧中却转身投入了@辰亦儒 的怀抱,为什么?!亦儒在剧中被虐着实让人心疼,觅觅的痴心却换来绝情更是使人难受,三位主演的情感纠葛真让小编无比揪心啊~但还是想看啊~大家呢~

[Trans] @广东卫视 (Guangdong Satellite TV):【#When Love Walked In# begins broadcast on the 24th, Asia's top idols portraying the roles of a love triangle】@宋茜-fx--victoria, who is very close friends with @周觅_SJM in real life, turned her back and entered @辰亦儒's embrace in the drama, why is that so?! The emotional torment Calvin went through in the drama pains us, Mimi's innocent infatuation that received heartless response saddens us, the dispute of emotions among the three main leads made me (referring to the staff who posted this on weibo) feel really anxious~ yet I still look forward to watching this~ what about everyone else~

Victoria's reblog: 
[Trans] @宋茜-fx--victoria: Please remember to watch it~ ^^

Zhou Mi's reblog:
@周觅_SJM: 雅音,雨江,尚林和你们的约定[耶]
[Trans] @周觅_SJM: Ya Yin, Yu Jiang, Shang Lin's promise with you guys 

(*Ya Yin, Yu Jiang, Shang Lin are the names of the roles Victoria, Calvin and Zhou Mi plays respectively)




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