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Hello, everyone from Hong Kong Sina, I am Zhou Mi from Super Junior M!
(canto) Hello everyone, I am Zhou Mi.

Zhou Mi, what is your impression of Hong Kong?
Err Hong Kong, Hong Kong gives me the feeling of... very delicious, because there are a lot of cha chain tend (*traditional Hong Kong eateries). Also, I super love some Hong Kong street snacks, like chilled mango sago and pomelo dessert, and what is that called, fried Gong Zai Mian (*Hong Kong style instant noodles), beef innards. Hong Kong is a shopping heaven, whenever I'm chitchatting with my friends, we're like "eh! Hong Kong is a must-go!"

What do you think about the Hong Kong fans?
Very passionate and warm, just like the Hong Kong weather. Every time when we're in Hong Kong, regardless what event it is, from airport to performance venue to hotel, we see fans giving us support, they'll make lots of those... very special hand banners, then when they're following our cars they'll put it on their car windows, showing it to us. I feel like, wow, really thankful for your support.

This time you're promoting your new book "Thai Perfect" in Hong Kong, why did you choose to write a book that introduces Thailand?
So aside from attending Supershow during my trip to Hong Kong this time, I'm staying in Hong Kong for 2 days, to promote my personal new book called "Thai Perfect". This is my first time, by myself, publishing my first book. It's also my first time doing solo promotions in Hong Kong. I'm really excited and happy, at the same time I hope Hong Kong fans can support my travel diary. Because being thoughtful, I wrote the text in traditional chinese, I hope everyone can feel my sincerity after reading this book.
Because everyone has a stronger feeling and impact towards new things on their first time seeing it. Then, the countries I have been in, like Korea and China, I've been there for quite some time. I've also thought about introducing some interesting places in Korea to everyone. But because I have been there for a longer time, I also require a longer time to think about where exactly is more suitable to talk about. Whereas Thailand, since I'm new (to the country), when I went to Thailand just after debut, I realized many things are new, the feelings I get is stronger and faster. Since I've been there for schedules for so many times, and I've been there on a holiday as well, so why not I translate what I've seen, what I think is interesting and delicious, through my own way of recording, to those who have never been to Thailand, how you can enjoy your time in Thailand. 

The title of the book is interesting, is resembles Super Junior M's song "Perfection", where did this idea come from?
This is actually very interesting. The title of the book was decided after the book was completed. The style of this book is very casual, everyone can... no stress, like whenever you're at home you can just open it and browse though. So considering the casual style of this book, we should name the book something more fun. We thought of many names, and since it's Thailand, the book has to start with a "Thai" (in chinese, "tài" means "too" as an emphasis on the next word") we came up with "Thai Happy", "Thai Fun", *laughs* we were thinking, it was just so-so. Then we have this song called "Tai Wan Mei", and for the fans, this will be something very easy to remember. So we decided to play with the words and change them, "Tai" we used "Thai" from Thailand, "Wan" we used "Wan" from fun (hao wan), so it means, Thailand is fun and beautiful. And so now we have this "Thai Perfect" in my hands. 

Being an idol, is it hard to go on a vacation? Do you get noticed very easily? Have you experienced any interesting incidents during your vacations?
In Thailand, when I go on a vacation outside of work schedules, I usually get noticed by the fans. But I feel that it doesn't cause me problems because Thailand fans are very thoughtful, and... they're like my friends. Because whenever I'm in Thailand I'll see them, and they will be like tour guides, introducing some Thai attractions and also help you. Thailand, their traffic is very jammed, and for someone who has a language barrier, and at places like Pata there are no taxis. So you have to take a kind of transport called the "Tuk tuk", you'll have to know how to say the name of the destination. Back then my Thai wasn't good, so many fans were helping me and telling the driver 'eh he wants to go where' so I feel, whenever I'm there they're very thoughtful. 

Will you write travel books about other countries in the the future? What about write one on Hong Kong!
Very tempting, because I'm very familiar with Hong Kong. Previously, I studied university in Zhuhai. So basically, once every two months I'll visit Hong Kong to shop. I also feel like introducing the fun places in Hong Kong to everyone. I think... there will be a chance, yes. 
Aside from the new book, your new song "Distant Embrace" also received very good response. Are you satisfied with the response you're getting? 
Very satisfied *laughs* I can say that this song is my first solo in our full length album, last year (I/we) also released a... OST, the soundtrack for a tv drama. But Distant Embrace to me, has a very different significance. It is a song written for me by my good friend, also a very famous song writer in Taiwan, Guang Liang ge. Also for the handling of the song, the recording, I also did it myself, for the first time the company was very reassured and let me handle the emotions part. When I just finished recording it, I was a little worried like the way I handled it, the singing part, is it okay or not. But after everyone heard it, heard it live, every time I sing it I feel very touched, when I see the fans in front of the stage, they can feel my emotions when I sing the song. That makes me feel very pleased. 

Now that you have your new book and solo song, will you have more solo activities in the future?
Next, the company have planned some solo activities, these 2 years aside from singing, I have given acting a try. Last year I filmed a drama called "When Love Walked In". In the second half of this year I might be taking up another role in a drama, so... I hope my acting skills will improve and I hope everyone will like Zhou Mi as an actor. 

Previously Super Junior had a concert in Hong Kong, how did you feel about the show? 
Maybe because I feel like I haven't seen the Hong Kong fans for such a long time, I feel that the fans are still as passionate. As I recall I think the previous Super show was around 2009 or 2008... anyways it has been 4 years since. I thought, it has been 4 years... that's really long. To the Hong Kong fans I feel a little bad, a little guilt, feel like we should have more time and come here more often to see everyone. I just hope that in the future we can have more opportunities to come to Hong Kong to see everyone. But those two days we really had a good time, just like a big party.

Following this, does Zhou Mi and Super Junior M have any plans?
Following this, since "Distant Embrace" was released during February, I hope I can perform more love songs for everyone, and sing it well. There might also be new songs that will be released. Aside from that, our Super show is still going on, world tour, Super show, there most likely will be more countries and cities. Also, everyone's most anticipated, Super Junior M's new album, is in the preparations. 
Alright, bye bye, thank you everyone!

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