[Interview] Mandarin Music on Demand with Zhou Mi~


X - MC
M - Zhou Mi

X: Zhou Mi hello!
M: Hello! Hello everyone, I am Super Junior M's Zhou Mi.
X: Zhou Mi just finished a concert in Hong Kong…
M: Yes, Super Show.
X: Following that, you did some solo promotions. I heard that you released a new book right? Can you introduce it to us?
M: Yes, it's my first book, it's called "Thai Perfect", it is my own travel journal done during my vacation(s) to Thailand. 
X: Okay, so I wanna ask, why did you want to release a book? And why a travel book?
M: Releasing a book… it has been my dream since I was young, and I've always liked writing stuff. So aside from being a singer, I want to be something out of everyone's expectations. So I was thinking I can try being an author. I can try expressing myself through writing. Didn't think that my dream would come true, and I released a book.
X: So in the past when you were younger, you're still very young now (laughs) like when you were 10, did you try submitting written compositions using an anonymous name to test your writing ability? You said you like writing, you must have gotten some awards, receive some affirmation? Affirmation gives people confidence.
M: I've loved writing compositions since I was young, I feel really good when the teacher gives me 90 marks, always hoping the teacher will give me 90 marks or something like that. However after growing up, I never actually written much. But after debut I often wrote lyrics.
X: Until now you've contributed lyrics to many songs as well
M: Yes… For our own albums and also for other artistes. Kinda feel like… I get quite a lot of approval regarding writing lyrics, so I can attempt to write a book, or write and introduce some stuff.
X: Right, earlier on Zhou Mi mentioned about writing lyrics. This time their new album called "Break Down", inside there's a song called Distant Embrace, this is your solo song… The lyrics is also your own?
M: The lyrics aren't written by me..
X: But you did contribute to some of the songs in here
M: I wrote a few songs in this album
X: There must be two to three songs…
M: Right, I contributed lyrics for two songs in here. Eh, one, two… I wrote for three…
X: Are you the one who proposed it? Or did the company ask you to write the lyrics? 
M: Earlier in the first album, I was still new, still a trainee and yet to debut. When the company received the lyrics for a song, they were not very satisfied with it. In my opinion, I felt like it could have been better. So I was thinking if they were short of time and needed new lyrics, I could attempt writing lyrics that will suit the song better. 
X: Writing lyrics is quite difficult, where do you get your inspiration from? Also you're used to writing songs, do you usually write them in the day, or midnight, or evening?
M: You guessed it right… midnight. During midnight, I tend to think a lot when I can't sleep. Because I can't concentrate well in the day, when it's quiet and late at night, when I feel it's silent, all my thoughts come to me.
X: Don't you get tired? Don't you have to practice the next day or something?
M: During that time I was quite tired, because I had to go record (for songs), had dance practice. So basically it's like burning midnight oil. In one night I had to finish writing the lyrics for the whole song. I cannot have it half done. Because if I stop halfway, I won't be able to continue, I can't. So I either finish it in one night, or I don't write. 
X: I guess you must have a lot of lyrics drafts 
M: They're not completed, they're at home, a little here and there. 
X: You won't complete them after saying this will you?
M: No~ I like and am used to writing it from scratch. So usually after I'm done with writing it, the next day, say if I finish writing at 6am in the morning, I'll sleep two hours and go to recording at 8am.
X: Impressive, okay. Aside from writing lyrics, singing, now you even released a book. And apart from all those you act as well. Let me ask, these few things, which of it gives you the biggest satisfaction? 
M: Actually it's the book, yeah. Because I feel like being an artiste, singing is my interest and favourite hobby, it is my dream, and I am always singing. Acting is also something I slowly attempt. However I feel like writing a book is something I've always dreamed but not sure if it will really happen. To actually release this book, I feel very surprised, it's like, even now I feel like, I have released my own book, those kinds of feelings. 
X: I've heard recently one of your members, Henry, released a mini album. Will you think about, if you have a chance, you'd want to release a mini album too? Maybe specially for the chinese audiences? 
M: I kind of want to, because I've always hoped I can have new works for everyone. I have also been trying very hard to find something that I am satisfied with, also something everyone will think it's really good after listening to it. I'll see how the company will plan.
X: Another issue is, I've heard that JJ Lin said he has a new collaboration with you the second half of this year. Is it true?
M: Did he say so? Are you just making a guess?
X: Are you not supposed to say?
M: No… I admire musicians like him, I think it's very good. Because we do meet up, we talk about the music we like. I feel like he is a musician with his own beliefs. I feel like he's not only a singer, towards music he has his own special opinions. So that part is something I really admire. Also I hope we can collaborate if there is a chance. 
X: Lastly I hope you can tell the audiences if you have any upcoming plans?
M: This album Breakdown there is my solo track, Distant Embrace, so I hope I can continue to sing ballad love songs, expressing it in my own way, and sing it well. So next up I have prepared some new songs, that will be released in the near future. Then in the second half of the year, I will be advancing towards acting, we are in the midst of negotiating for a drama. Anyways, hope Zhou Mi can achieve all those things, I will work hard and try my best, to present it to everyone. 
M:  Thank you, goodbye. 

Trans by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
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