[130717] Made in Hong Kong~ Radio Interview with Zhou Mi


ZM: Hello! Hello everyone! I am Super Junior M's Zhou Mi.
MC: Your cantonese is so accurate!
ZM: Are you for real?
MC: Yes!
ZM: Thank you, thank you!
MC: Where did you pick up cantonese from? Where did you learn it?
ZM: Actually I couldn't speak cantonese previously, however I studied university in Zhu Hai.
MC: Oh, it's very near to Hong Kong.
ZM: Yes, very near, but even when I was there I couldn't speak cantonese. A close friend of mine who practices with me in Korea is from Hong Kong.
MC: Oh! You're quite talented! Is it a girl?
ZM: Yes it's a girl.
MC: Ohhh she must be your girlfriend!
ZM: She's a jiejie (elder sister)!
MC: It's okay! We are very open minded! Relationships with an elder girl is definitely okay!
MC: Why not Zhou Mi introduce yourself, we know you're a member of SJM, but it seems quite complicated, especially since you are the last one to be included (into the band), tell us more about yourself.
ZM: Actually I am from Wuhan, China, but my family is in Beijing, and I studied university in Zhu Hai. I was casted in Guangzhou, SM came to look for me, after that I trained in Korea for a year before I debuted.
MC: This sounds very smooth, like it's very simple, very easy.
ZM: But training in Korea was very exhausting.
MC: Exhausting in what way?
ZM: Because people always assume that as an artiste, you only need to be able to sing, but actually it's not like that, you have to practice dancing, and learn things I've never knew like cantonese, and ballet.
MC: Ballet dancing? Ballet? But you're a guy, why?
ZM: Because the company thinks learning all these will benefit in your balance during dancing. And jazz, and jazz*, (in english) something everyone will never have even thought of. Also, something else you wouldn't have thought of, *china kungfu (in english). Because the company feels like as a chinese, in Korea I should learn things that others don't know, but a chinese knows. 
MC: You are the last to join SJM, did you feel like you mostly trying to catch up on their pace a lot?
ZM: Yes, they have already debuted for three years when I joined, (I) was very afraid I couldn't communicate well with them, or unable to become closer to them, 
MC: Or hard to make friends with them~
ZM: And I also felt like their singing and dancing abilities were all better than me
MC: I feel like the important part about communication is speaking korean, how did you learn that?
ZM: Korean language was actually quite a breeze, I feel that Korean is easier to pick up than Cantonese (laughs)
MC: How come Korean is easy?
ZM: Because I can learn it at the company, they find me a Korean teacher, I practice everyday, and I speak Korean to everyone in the company, even during recording I have to speak Korean.
MC: You make it sound like it's really easy! I think it's because you learn it under that environment and you get used to it.
MC: Can you teach me? How do I say "you're not pretty"? "You're ugly!" tell it to the female MC! 
MC: You can just tell me I'm pretty!
ZM: I tell it to Angela? Honestly she's not that bad.
MC: How do we say it in Korean?
ZM: Say you're not pretty? Niga yeppeuji ana. Yeppeuji means pretty. Dangsin yeppeuji anayo. Dangsin is like an honorific, it means you. Yeppeuda means pretty, you can tell that to girls. Yeppeuji ana means not pretty. I'll teach you something even easier, you can tell it to female MCs, yeppeoyo, you're very pretty. 
MC: Then how do I saw "you're very handsome"?
ZM: Jal saeng-gyeossda, meoshissoyo.
MC: Sounds like you're working (at a restaurant), "No water for consumption" (playing with the sounds of the words in cantonese).
MC: How do you translate "Made in Hong Kong"?
ZM: Made in Hong Kong…. err….. Made in Hong Kong….. errr, let me think, this is hard, chinese or cantonese?
MC: In chinese it's 香港制造 
ZM: Hong Kong jejo (홍콩제조)
MC: The pronunciation is so much like cantonese.
ZM: Some of the tone sounds very much like cantonese. 
MC: But what I'm aware of is there are honorifics in Korean language, you have to speak in honorifics to someone older than you. Then when you just get to know someone do you ask their birth year?
ZM: Ask how old they are...
MC: Then if he's an elder brother do you speak differently to him? Then if you meet someone who doesn't speak the truth, it's hard to know whether they are older or not.
ZM: That usually doesn't happen in Korea, because if you ask a girl in Beijing or somewhere else about her age, she won't tell you. But in Korea, all of them will tell you. Because if you are of the same age, then there will not be a problem. In Korea there's honorifics and banmal. If he/she is older than you and you're speaking in banmal, he/she will think you're very impolite. 
MC: If he/she is older than you by one or two years? 
ZM: You've got to use honorifics even if he/she is just half a year older. 
MC: It's so strict! I heard from a friend who is learning korean, that japanese and korean people can quarrel over using banmal, and even fight because of that! Do you fight with your korean members of SJ? 
ZM: It's different, we're always together all the time, we don't speak in honorifics, banmal is fine.
MC: Who are you closest to in SJ?
ZM: I'm close to all of them, do I have to choose one? Erm… Heechul, Heechul hyung.
MC: Why?
ZM: Because he treats me really well, he takes care of me a lot. 
MC: I see Zhou Mi is quite buff, do you work out at the gym a lot?
ZM: I do work out quite often
MC: Do you do it daily?
ZM: Recently I have been doing it daily.
MC: I wanna ask you does every korean guy work out at gyms?
ZM: Yes
MC: How do you feel about Hong Kong? Can you understand?
ZM: Yes… Personally I actually really like it, I think the food are delicious, if you like shopping, the things are very cheap too.
MC: Do you like Hong Kong girls, Korean girls or Chinese girls better?
ZM: Since I'm in Hong Kong now, I prefer Hong Kong girls. 
MC: It is said that many Hong Kong girls have the Princess Syndrome.  Do you know what's that?
ZM: Yes I do, if I like her then it's fine, whatever syndrome doesn't matter… as long as she's healthy!
MC: Then is MC Angela fine?
MC Angela: You have to say it's okay!
ZM: It's okay, like I said earlier on, yeppeuda! Yeppeoyo!
MC: Angela has Hong Kong (smelly) feet (laughs)
MC Angela: Have you heard of Hong Kong feet?
ZM: Yes I know, I understood what he said.
MC: Then Hong Kong fans, Korean fans and Chinese fans, how are they different?
ZM: Korean fans speak Korean (laughs) All of them are different… 
MC: Which fans are more passionate?
ZM: I feel like Hong Kong fans and chinese fans are very similar, even Taiwan too. Everyone is very passionate, just like the weather in Hong Kong. (very warm) This time round (SS5 in Hong Kong) we had two days of concert, it has been a long time since the last time we were here, almost 4 years already. This time being back, I feel like everyone is still the same, still so supportive of us. 
MC: Of course they are supportive of you guys, you're SJM, you can dance, and you're handsome, and buff. 
MC: I heard you have released your own solo song, Distant Embrace, can you tell us more about it? Guang Liang (Michael Wong) composed the song?
ZM: Yes! I'm really happy to have Guang Liang ge compose this song for me, and actually the lyrics for this song is written by a Hong Kong artiste. I heard it's Hotcha (Crystal, a member of Hotcha) So this time in Hong Kong I really want to thank her for writing such good lyrics for me.
MC: What is the song about?
ZM: It's about, a couple in love, however, for example I'm a guy and I really like this girl, but I'm concerned about her and I like her, but I wouldn't confess to her. I will only love her by the sidelines, and help her, it's a story about that. 
MC: So I heard that Zhou Mi recently released a book, a travel book, about Thailand, am I right? Why did you choose Thailand? A chinese, living in Beijing, going to Korea to develop yourself, but you released a book about Thailand, why is that so? Why not Korea?
ZM: Because I have been in Korea for very long, it's been 5 years already, so I'm very familiar with Korea, but if I were to introduce Korea, I don't know what to talk about. But Thailand, the first time I went there, I saw so many new and different things. The colour of the city is different, everything is so colourful, the food are different, the fruits are different too. Fashion is different as well, the clothes are different. So much new and fresh things to tell everyone about, so I released a book.
MC: What's new about the food there? Anything you would recommend? Tom Yum Goong?
ZM: Tom Yum Goong is quite good. I know that Hong Kong people like seafood, the seafood in Thailand is so cheap! Curry crab, I ate two by myself!
MC: I know about this Sea Food Market in Thailand, there's this really huge supermarket, have you been there? You can instantly buy and book.
ZM: I've heard about that before.
MC: Your book doesn't only introduce Bangkok, you also went to Phuket right?
ZM: And there's Pattaya, and a little island towards the southern part of Thailand. 
MC: I saw one of your pictures, the one which you saw the poster outside a store, SJM's poster. You specially took a picture of it. 
ZM: Oh right, I think it was in Phuket island, actually it isn't a very big place. I went shopping with a friend, and I was like, why is there a picture that looks like me.
MC: You should go pick up thai (language)! You're really good in languages!
ZM: I learnt a little! Some phrases like greetings~ Sawadikap~ I am Zhou Mi~ (in thai) kobkunkrab thank you~
MC: Actually Thailand follows the trends of Korea, it follows very closely. Even when I'm in Thailand, I always hear Korean music. When you were in Thailand did you see those Thai transversites that look a lot like B (the male MC)? 
MC: Do you think there will be more chances for you to come to Hong Kong for a longer period of time?
ZM: Recently I have been wanting to, find a cantonese song, my own cantonese song. Because I have always liked Hong Kong a lot, I like cantonese songs, Hong Kong singers, have been hoping that I'll have my own song.
MC: Which Hong Kong singers do you like?
ZM: Twins, Joey Young, Janice Vidal. Janice's "Daai goh" (a song of hers he recently recommended  on MOOV) 
MC: Why not you sing a part of it!
ZM: /sings (20:33-20:50)
MC: Hope that in the future you'll have your own cantonese song, Zhou Mi. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Come more often!
ZM: Yes, thank you!
MC: Really thankful for having SJM's Zhou Mi today, see you next time!
ZM: Thank you! Thank you! Bye bye!

Trans by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
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