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[Note trans] Watching The Voice of China, there were many voices that brought people to tears, and the live performances were very moving! The people who sang onstage with all their hearts are to be admired! Every person who sang passionately has a stage in their dreams, in their hearts; (no matter how many opportunities they have) it's not enough; they sincerely hope to have opportunities to sing to their hearts content for everyone to hear. From their debut to the present, there haven't been enough stages for them to express their feelings enough, they haven't had many activities, and they feel bad for making everyone wait. I really treasure every opportunity I have to sing for you guys, and not being able to sing for everyone to hear often, I'm also very frustrated. But during the time when there isn't any work, Zhou Mi hasn't been idle; everyone, wait for me a bit, I'm working hard to release good music. I hope later on I can sing songs I really love onstage, and I hope that in the future, on a certain day, I can proudly let everyone be moved by my voice! My blessing to those who also love to sing! Yao Beina (a contestant on The Voice of China)! Jiayou!

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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