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Zhou Mi aggrieved that he was used by Claire Kuo as bridge to meet DongHae, reveals relationship with Calvin Chen was misunderstood

Earlier today, Super Junior-M member Zhou Mi went on the program "Xiao Yan Zhi Ye" to promote his new book "Tai Wan Mei". The production team invited three of his Taiwanese friends - Danson Tang, Calvin Chen and Claire Kuo - to appear on the show. The result, Zhou Mi spilled the beans on his three friends, and his friendship with them was put to the test.

The three have known Zhou Mi the last 2-3 years differently, each would meet up with Zhou Mi in different situations. Zhou Mi and Danson Tang would go shopping together, while he would go clubbing with Calvin Chen, and drink coffee with Claire Kuo. Zhou Mi at once started to expose his friends' secrets. When he first met Claire Kuo, he stalked her on the internet to learn her birthday and her preferences, but didn't expect that Claire wrote that Dong Hae was her favorite Super Junior member. Zhou Mi became jealous and said, "I suspect she used me as a bridge to get to know Dong Hae." Claire Kuo immediately denied it, saying that she hasn't even met Dong Hae up to now.

When Calvin Chen goes to South Korea for work, he would always meet up with Zhou Mi. Even Zhou Mi's manager misunderstood the close friendship between the two. One time, Calvin Chen knocked on Zhou Mi's door carrying his luggage, he was seen by Zhou Mi's manager. The manager immediately called Zhou Mi to ask what the two of them were doing inside his room. Zhou Mi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Calvin Chen revealed that he wanted to go clubbing in Korea, but Zhou Mi wasn't a party animal so he didn't know anything about clubs in Korea, and always brought him to the wrong ones, making Calvin Chen laugh. Calvin Chen also revealed that when they wrapped up filming (WLWI) in the mainland, Zhou Mi got so drunk, he went and hugged everyone, making everyone laugh out loud.

In his new book, Zhou Mi introduces his travels in Thailand, but almost half is about shopping. Danson Tang said, "Zhou Mi is really a shopaholic. Each time we meet, he'd take me clothes shopping, and he'd buy clothes much more than me." Zhou Mi joked that Danson Tang doesn't drink, and every time he took Danson out for drinks, Danson would order milk. Even the host Zhang Xiao Yan was amazed and teased that Danson can be called "Milk Tang". 

The mainlander Zhou Mi who joined a Korean group, would often come to Taipei to promote. Korea, mainland China and Taiwan have different meanings for him. Zhou Mi said that the work pressure in Korea was huge, when he returns to Beijing it feels like coming home, while being in Taiwan most resembles being on vacation. Because he has a lot of friends in Taiwan, he always feels warm when he comes to Taiwan. Claire Kuo always wants to take Zhou Mi to the night market but is afraid the super popular Zhou Mi would be easily recognized by fans. Claire Kuo joked, "A weak girl such as me, how can I protect him?"

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