[INTERVIEW] Full transcription: The most panicked he's ever been! SJ-M's Zhou Mi's Q&A


[Q&A Full Transcription]

Okay! Pixnet 娛樂丸 friends, hello everyone, I'm Zhou Mi. Then, Q&A, let's go!
Editor: What did you eat this morning?
Mi: I didn't eat!
Editor: When leaving the country, apart from your passport and camera, what do you bring?
Mi: Money!!!
Editor: Your feelings upon releasing your first book are...?
Mi: ... What?
Editor: (repeats herself)
Mi: Uh... Excitement!
Editor: How much time did you spend creating "Thai Perfect"?
Mi: Two years.
Editor: The biggest difficulties you encountered while writing the book were...?
Mi: Uh... the-the-the... this-this-this... uh... the... ah... Pictures! Pictures! Writing words for the pictures was hard.
Editor: The most unforgettable thing you encountered in Thailand was...?
Mi: Uh... Seeing fans~
Editor: The food you must eat when going to Thailand is...?
Mi: Uh, curry crab.
Editor: The place you like best in Taiwan?
Mi: The night markets!
Editor: What kind of work do you want to do in the future? Like being a writer, or singer...
Mi: Uh, photographer!
Editor: Which Taiwanese artist do you want to work with the most?
Mi: There are a lot. (worriedly) Do I have to only pick one?
Editor: You can say five if you want to!
Mi: Then then then then, my good friend, Calvin... Calvin Chen, I've already worked with him. Then... Danson Tang would be good
Editor: In private, your interests are...?
Mi: Listening to music, fitness
Editor: Zhou Mi's personal tastes in fashion are...?
Mi: Personal style? Simple, straightforward.
Editor: When going out, the most important tools for disguising yourself usually are...?
Mi: Uh... Hats.
Editor: What are your warm-up methods?
Mi: Vocal exercises
(The fans' voices: Working out? Vocal exercises?)*
Editor: What's your favorite part of your body?
Mi: My face.
Editor: What's your favorite part of your face?
Mi: My eyes *flutters eyelashes*
Editor: Which member of SJ-M are you usually the closest to?
Mi: (without hesitation) Kyuhyun.
Editor: How close?
Mi: We sleep together.
Editor: What were the members' responses when they heard you were releasing a book?
Mi: They were happy for me.
Editor: Who was the most excited?
Mi: Uh, no one.
Editor: When promoting by yourself, the most nerve-wracking thing is...?
Mi: The other members aren't by my side.
Editor: What do you usually do in the time between recordings?
Mi: I go into a daze.
Editor: A phrase that describes what kind of a person Zhou Mi is is...?
Mi: A handsome person.
Editor: Lastly, say something you'd like to say to Taiwanese fans.
Mi: Okay! So I'm very happy, very excited to come to Taiwan to promote "Thai Perfect" this time! Especially because every day, I was able to see my friends from Pixnet. So I hope everyone can support me a lot, and support my new book a lot, as well as my music, remember that! Taiwan friends, I really love you guys!! Okay, byebye!

*Translator's note: "vocal exercises" (lian sheng) vs "work out" (lian shen) Taiwanese people often have trouble differentiating between the two since they always say them the same.

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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