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SJ Zhou Mi takes shelter from the rain on a date with his first love

Vincent Fang's new movie <Hear Rain> filming team heads to Ilan (in Taiwan) on the 11th, at a nostalgic train station. Super Junior-M member Zhou Mi who recently arrived in Taiwan to promote his new book, specially took two days of his busy schedule to participate in the filming as a cameo appearance, acting as a sunshine college boy who romantically chances upon his first love in the rain, the filming includes a scene where Zhou Mi rides a motorcycle with the female lead. Zhou Mi reveals, when he was on a vacation in Thailand, once he heard that he has to ride a motorcycle for the movie filming, he rented a motorcycle in Thailand to practice, and he forgot to wear the safety helmet, in the end he got fined by the Thai police.

(t/n: only Zhou Mi's parts have been translated)

Trans by @myeoIchi for @SunshineZhouMi
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