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Zhou Mi cameo appears in Vincent Fang's movie; likes his other half to have big busts.

Korean band 'Super Junior-M' (SJM) chinese member Zhou Mi cameo appeared in the movie directed by Vincent Fang <Hear Rain> yesterday, Zhou Mi recalled his high school first love and said: "Back then, even holding hands make me nervous". He admitted looks come into consideration (when choosing his partner), his other half must be "big eyes, chinese-speaking", when asked about big busts, he laughed and did not deny: "Of course it would be good if (she) has a good figure".

Zhou Mi braved the rain during filming in Ilan yesterday, held an empty carbonated drink bottle, pouts and acts cute.

Being in Taiwan for a week, his schedules are fully packed, first he promotes his new book <Thai Perfect>, he even took time to meet up with his close friend, Claire Kuo, and went to support his fellow bandmate, Donghae's waffle shop in Taiwan. Early morning at 4am yesterday, he left for Ilan to film his cameo appearance in Vincent Fang's movie.

Director Vincent Fang reviews the shots, guides > 

Zhou Mi's acting.

This was with his first love for half a year:

In the movie <Hear Rain>, he worked with rookie Chen Wei Rong and interpreted innocent love. Talking about first love, he shyly said: "We were middle school classmates, we met again in high school, I passed little notes to her, but after being together for half a year, we broke up after we had our college entry examinations". He said he's not romantic yet easily jealous, "currently my relationship partner(s) is/are the SJ-M member(s)", likes girls with big eyes, good figure, and able to speak chinese. Long hair or short hair is fine, as long as (she's) not bald.

< Zhou Mi likes sweet food, recently he visited band mate Donghae's waffle shop.

Chinese member of korean band
comes to Taiwan with a packed schedule


Q: Do you think filming (for the movie) is exhausting?
Mi: Yes, it is~ like just now (I) was drenched in the rain. And today the weather in Ilan is also quite cold

Q: Because the movie is the story about a first love, 
Mi: Mm, yes~
Q: Then when was your first love?
Mi: My own first love it was during towards the end of high school, yeah~ But that girl was my middle school classmate.
Q: Do you have anyone you're seeing now?
Mi: Currently, my partner is the member(s) /laughs.
Mi: My requirements for my girlfriend is, I hope she is someone who speaks chinese.
Q: Then do you like girls with big busts?
Mi: Of course it would be good if she has a good figure.

Q: Zhou Mi do you like to eat fresh cream? 
Mi: I quite like it~ can I eat this?
-squeezes fresh cream into his mouth directly-
Mi: It's actually quite delicious.
Q: No matter how much you eat, you won't gain weight.
Mi: Yes, I want to train muscles, recently I've been training at the gym a lot. But every time no matter how much I train, I see the members likes Donghae or Siwon, their body, I feel I can never win them. Siwon is always wearing his underwear, running around (the dorm), and he's very buff. He would ask me, "Zhou Mi, do you want to be like me?"

Claire: Do I have to eat it too?
PD: It's okay.
Mi: It's okay? Who said it's okay?! Of course you have to eat it.
PD: For the sake of friendship...
Mi: We have to eat as much as how deep our friendship is.

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