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Korean group Super Junior M's member Zhou Mi, in order to release his travel book about Thailand, took great pains, and not only did he travel to Thailand 4 times at his own expense, he even personally took all of the pictures in his book, and spent over a month rewriting the words in traditional Chinese; throughout the whole process, he made drastic changes many times, and even his good friend Victoria Song joked that it was like he was "giving birth". He also admitted that although he watched the local adult shows, he felt bad and felt that sex should not be used to promote tourism.

Zhou Mi came to Taiwan to promote his new book, "Thai Perfect." (Photo by Figure/Reporter Tian Wei Wei) 

Coming to the process of making travel books, Zhou Mi traveled to Thailand 4 times at his own expense, and not even his agency was aware of this until after the book was completed. He revealed that in order to take relaxed photos, he and his photographer friends went to a beach somewhere in Phuket and played "You Chase, I Run," and he also affected a lot of poses; afterwards, he realized that all of the fans on the side saw it and said with an embarrassed smile, "I'm very shy."

Zhou Mi treats his fans like good friends and enjoys the feeling of making friends, but he revealed that when he was traveling in Thailand, although he covered his entire face, over 20 fans still recognized him, so they spent the whole day with him, and he even helped to pay for their tickets, but he is not the type to show off and pretend to be generous. He put a lot of effort into helping the fans pay for their tickets and even paid for them to eat seafood.

Zhou Mi strove for perfection, revising his travel book 4 times in total before it was complete. (Photo by Figure/Reporter Tian Wei Wei) 

When asked, "Did you have any experiences in Thailand where you were cheated?" Zhou Mi praised that the locals were very warm, and there were also drivers who would voluntarily serve as a tour guide all day, but he reluctantly said, "I was taken to a nightclub, and initially I thought that the other man was a good person; I did not expect that if we didn't buy alcohol, he wouldn't let us leave." Although afterwards they successfully snuck out, the driver's car was broken, so he had to help push the car for 10 minutes; he laughed and said it was an interesting experience. 

In the book, Zhou Mi showed a few pictures in which he only wore a swimsuit and revealed that in the beginning, in order to show his muscles, he desperately squeezed his biceps and reminded his friends to take the pictures at a good angle, but when it was handed to the company editors in the end, many "revealing pictures" were removed, and he thought it was very disappointing.

Zhou Mi's many "cool" swimsuit photos in the book. (Photo by Figure/Reporter Tian Wei Wei) 

In order to show his sincerity to the Taiwanese fans, Zhou Mi rewrote all of the simplified Chinese characters in traditional Chinese; as his schedule was busy, he spent over a month doing it, and he thought, "Traditional characters are so hard to write." Recently, he was invited by Vincent Fang to star in his film as a college student finding his first love, but he says that he's more suited to play the bad guy, amusingly saying, "Don't let my image as an idol fool you." Furthermore, he revealed that next, they'll start planning to film; whether or not they'll want fans remains to be seen.

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