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Vincent Fang's first self-directed movie <Hear Rain> was filming at Ilan on the 11th, SJ-M's Zhou Mi is also filming a movie in Taiwan for the first time, being a professional actor he braved the rain, he was to interpret meeting the female lead, Chen Wei Rong, his first love in the film. In the movie he's having his first love, but in real life he's single, he said he wants to find time for a relationship, the requirements of being his other half isn't hard either, he laughed "as long as she speaks chinese". 

Zhou Mi's popularity rises like the rising tides, this time he's even participating in Vincent Fang's movie, yesterday at the filming in Ilan, the scene of meeting his first love in the rain, even though there wasn't any lines, the mood of first love in the air was very strong. Speaking of first love, Zhou Mi revealed that it happened in high school, but in the end they broke up because he left his hometown for college, Zhou Mi frankly said that he is/was unable to accept the long distance relationship. When asked about his requirements for his other half, he said "long hair, short hair, both are fine, as long as it's not a bald head; also I hope it's someone who speaks chinese, because I feel that language plays an important role." With this, all the korean girls are declared out of the game. 
However, Zhou Mi is currently busy with work, he joked "my partner(s) in my relationship is/are my bandmate(s)", this time in the movie <Hear Rain>, even though Zhou Mi is just doing a cameo appearance, but because it was needed in one of the scenes, he specially learnt how to ride a motorcycle, when he was practicing riding the motorcycle in Thailand, he even got fined a 200 Thai baht for not wearing a helmet, director Vincent Fang complimented him "really very professional".

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