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Korean boy band「Super Junior-M」(SJ-M) chinese member Zhou Mi likes sweet food, he's even a 'fresh cream freak'. While in Taiwan, he met up with his close friend Claire Kuo and made waffles, squeezed a whole lot of fresh cream on a waffle, to share his favorite with his close friend. Claire is afraid to gain weight, she screamed in shock "I'm not going to eat it!", instead he even squeezed the fresh cream into his own mouth and proudly said "no matter how much I eat I won't gain weight, such a problem" asking to be spanked putting on his proud face.

Zhou Mi and Claire Kuo had a culinary skills challenge by making waffles, the end products looks like there is still space for improvement.
Zhou Mi, height 185cm, weight 64kg, despite how much he eats he's still thin like a paper cut-out.
He meets up with his close friend, Claire Kuo, every time he visits Taiwan. Few days ago, the two met at Zhou Mi's fellow bandmate, Donghae's waffle shop in Taiwan, and decided that each of them will make a waffle for the other to eat, but both of them are 'culinary idiots', so they ended up only decorating the waffle.
Zhou Mi charismatically put one cranberry by one cranberry on the waffle, as if it's a jewelry box, Claire joked: "looks like a board game", Zhou Mi talked back: "Yours is too boring!" and squeezed a whole lot of fresh cream on Claire's waffle. Claire, who's afraid of gaining weight, claimed that she's not going to eat it, Zhou Mi just said 「let's just make a *toast with the waffles!」and ended up eating all the fresh cream.

4 years of friendship:
Claire says: "We knew each other in 2009, we always meet up for meals, I like how he's straightforward, doesn't beat around the bush." but she couldn't hold in her 'complains' and said: "once we met up in Beijing, I waited for him in the cafe for 3 hours!" Zhou Mi immediately used his sweet talk to change the subject: "Claire is very health oriented and enjoys exercising, is a very nice girl"
His new book <Thai Perfect> have recently been released in Taiwan.

(t/n: *toast - as in making a toast with drinks, replacing the drinks with their waffles.)

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