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今天@方文山 导演的电影<听见下雨的声音>@周觅_SJM 首场拍摄下雨的戏,结果拍着拍着真的下雨了... 大家正在冒雨努力工作中.. 希望遇水则发~

[Trans] Today the movie Vincent Fang @方文山 is directing, Hear Rain <听见下雨的声音> , the first scene @周觅_SJM is doing involves rain, in the midst of filming it really rained... everyone is braving the rain and working hard.. hope the rain brings us good luck~

-from *张筱菁's weibo-
(*张筱菁 is an SM China rep/manager)  

Super Junior M 周覓,這次出版了"泰玩美"泰國之旅,好棒又豐富的一本書,也很謝謝昨晚我們廣播上幫我簽名寫滿滿阿!很棒[愛@奧莉薇小K 你]대박나세요~~~^$^

[Trans] Super Junior M Zhou Mi, published a "Thai Perfect" Thailand trip, a very good and rich book, also thank you for the autograph during yesterday's recording! Very awesome[Love you @奧莉薇小K] Big success~~~ ^$^

-from *Sandy老師's weibo-
(*Sandy老師 is a Korean teacher on Just Love JK)

Trans by @myeoIchi for @SunshineZhouMi
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