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Qn: As this is your first time doing solo promotions, what are your feelings about it? 

ZM: Today is the first day. The first interview is Sohu's interview. My feelings... ah I'm actually looking forward to it! But while I am looking forward to it, I also feel a little nervous. Because I'm usually with the other members, singing together, having interviews together. When everyone shares the responsibility of doing something and also does something together, there will be less stress and pressure. Actually when we were having group activities, I also had my own schedules in between. But this time, coming to Taiwan, I had a systemic promotion for my book. 

Qn: Why did you choose Thailand?

ZM: This.. I'll then have to talk about our group promotions already. Because after Super Junior M released our first album, the first overseas country we went to, was Thailand. Then.. we will go to Thailand every year for promotions... at least 3 to 4 times a year. At least. And other than that, because the first time we went to Thailand we were all attracted to the country's culture and various attractions. We would go to Thailand twice a year, at least twice a year. So if you count it, that will mean that we have been to Thailand for about 6- 7 times every year. And so I was thinking, "Eh, seeing the number of times that I am going there, I shouldn't just simply go there and play. Given that I've been to Thailand so many times, I have experience.." and so this got me into action. And I just started writing and writing. I never thought that I would be able to write the book smoothly, without any hitches. Even though I made many amendments in the midst of writing, hoping that it would look better and it would be more perfect, but the final product was exactly how I had imagined it! 

Qn: How long did it take you to preapre <Thai Perfect>? 

ZM: When I first wanted to publish a book, that was when we first debuted, in 2008. But the book that I wanted to make then, and the book that I have published now is different. But when I first thought of coming up with <Thai Perfect>, that had to be during 2010. I wrote my first draft of <Thai Perfect> in 2010. At that time, I hoped that it would be published successfully, but we didn't have any activities, albums to promote or any concerts. So it kept been delayed. And I started to wonder if the things that I had written would become irrelevant or different due to the changes in time. So I continuously added new contents to it, and in the midst of it all, I also went to Thailand to play as well. So I actually made changes to it for about 2-3 times and I also re-wrote it as well. Basically, the first draft of this book is completely non-existent in the one that has been published. So it was just mainly a rough draft. 

Qn: Did you specially reveal some of your (body) figure in your book!!?

ZM: At first, there were alot. There were really alot! But then, after our dear company (he's referring to SME here) looked through the book, they removed alot of it! And with regards to my figure... after I've built up my muscles in the future, let's just do a photobook instead. 

Qn: When you were touring Thailand, did you go out of the way to "camouflage" yourself as a member of the public? 

ZM: When I was in Thailand... I'm not sure about other celebrities, but when I went out to play, I was quite happy and was free, with not much disturbances. And I feel that the local fans also did not give me much pressure. Only when they see me on the street they would go, "Hi Zhoumi!" and I would reply, "Hello!" It's just like meeting them for the first time but feeling as though they are long-time friends. Because when we go to Thailand for activities, all the fans would be very enthusiastic, welcoming as at the airport, going to promotion venues to support us... And they also won't disturb me as well. When I go shopping, there are times due to the unfamiliarity of the language, they would help me out. They would tell me what I can visit and what I can see at a certain place, etc. And when I go forward to view something, they would step back and not disturb me and let me play by myself. But when there are times when I need help then they would appear again. So it was rather relaxing for me. 

Qn: f(x)'s leader, Victoria specially recommended your book, do the both of you share a deep friendship? 

ZM: She is more like family to me. Because the both of us are Chinese living in Korea, it is easier to express ourselves, and easier to use our native language to express our feelings. If we were to use Korean, we would have to perhaps pause and think before speaking as we are not as familiar with the language. But being with victoria, communication is not a problem since we are both Chinese, especially since we have known each other since we were trainees. A few years have passed, and actually, we have always been helping each other all this while. We've also relied 
on each other in Korea, especially since our family members are all back in China. So, we can be considered as good friends but there is also a familial feeling in it too. When there is any unhappy, happy, funny or exciting things, we will tell each other immediately. 

Qn: Did you face alot of pressure when you first entered SJM as a new member? 

ZM: At that time, I debuted one year after joining the company. For a trainee, one year is actually not very long. My talent was singing, so my dancing skills were just like that.. just a huge mess. So after entering the company, I used one year to do what others used three years to do. I had to catch up with the others in terms of their footwork as well as their progress, so that everyone would be on the same level, and that all of us would be able to debut as a group. It was quite tiring during that one year, but I feel that this whole process is one that has enabled me to learn alot from. 

Qn: Is your personality one that is very competitive?

ZM: I feel that if it was four years ago or five years ago, there might be a possibility. But I feel that I have matured in these four to five years. So if you're asking me now if I'm competitive, I would say that I'm not, but it's more of it being due to the persistency of certain things. Because some things will force you, in a way that you'll succeed after you've done them. But if you don't attempt these things, you'll never have any chance of succeeding. So my expectation for myself now is that: no matter what I am doing- singing, acting, publishing a book or making new compositions, I hope that I would try my very best to attempt all these, and complete them to the very best of my ability. And if everyone likes what I have done, then that can be considered as a bonus for me! I feel that it is a pity when you do not even try, despite having a goal in mind. And you will not have any chance of succeeding as well. 

Qn: Have you ever thought of giving up? 

ZM: At the beginning when I first debuted, I did have this thought. Because... I was a rookie and I was entering a group that had already been formed earlier on. At times when I see that there is no one to support me (he is talking about fans here), I would feel very dejected and upset. But after I reflected, I asked myself, "Is it because I am not good enough? Is it because I did not try hard enough?" I always have this thinking that, if you really work hard and if you really give your best, all these will definitely get noticed by others, and others will recognise the effort that you have put in. So for these few years, I have been following this train of thought. I cannot say that I have become better, but at least I can say that I am doing what I like to do. Singing the songs that I like, writing a new book. Frankly speaking, I never thought that this book would get published. But after all the rushing and working hard alongside with the publishing company, I feel that the final product is the result of all the hard work put in by everyone of us. 

Qn: Do you have any plans of publishing a text-only book and progressing towards making a name for yourself as an author? 

ZM: I actually love writing alot. Before writing <Thai Perfect>, I actually wrote other things as well. Because I wrote <Thai Perfect> rather quickly, so this is the book which I used to meet everybody. Actually this book is more of a travel diary.. there are pictures and words as well. But I hope that in the future if i get the chance, I will be able to write a book that has more words, ie: a text-based book. Sometimes I wonder if you guys are like, "Are there too many pictures??" It's not like that okay, there are also alot of words in my book! 

Qn: Do you have any other expectations with regards to the acting? 

ZM: Actually I like to sing, and singing is one of my goals which I have been working towards in these five years. I've recently become very interested in acting, and the company has been helping to prepare me in this area. I don't want everyone to say that I'm a person who has many talents but rather, I want others to see just one of them. Regardless of whether it is singing or acting, I just want people to say, "He is okay, he is handsome.." or "His singing can touch my heart" or "His voice is very nice to listen to", then I'll be very happy. 

Qn: Would you want to have a chance to act in any other dramas again? 

ZM: Yes. Because... with regards to acting... even though I have acted in one drama, but I'm ultimately still a rookie in this area. For a singer to be acting in one drama every year, it is honestly not a lot. It's just.. there is not much chance for me to learn. But I can learn from my co-stars who are most likely to have more experience than me, and they can also guide me along the way. Regardless of which actor or actress they are, I must use a positive attitude to learn from them and communicate with them. So i quite enjoy acting. 

Qn: Can you share with us some of your thoughts with regards to filming <When Love Walked In>? 

ZM: When we were filming the romantic scenes, it was me and victoria's first time filming a drama, so we were rather nervous. And everyone else were more experienced than us... Chen Yi Ru was our senior who had acted in many dramas before and the rest of them were those who had also acted in many other dramas before. So we just cheered each other on and said, "We don't necessarily need to seek perfection, but we need to learn from everyone else because this is our first drama. We don't need everyone to recognise our acting skills but we only need them to acknowledge the effort that we have put in. 

Qn: You will be turning 27 this year, what wishes do you have for yourself? 

ZM: Says who!!? I'm eighteen okay! EIGHTEEN. Okay okay, I've been fooling everyone. But yeah, I am turning 18 this year, and I'll be 20 next year. (He bursts into laughter here) But anyways, with this new year, I hope that I will have more work to do because we usually release one album a year, and other than that we don't really get to interact much with our fans. From today onwards, I will probably have more solo promotions. Despite whether it is acting or singing, I'm a person who enjoys working because it gives me a sense of fulfillment. When I'm too leisurely, I will feel rather uncomfortable and panicky, like "What should I do??" 

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