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@吳建恆KEN 刚刚直播的@周觅_SJM 看PTT有实物为证哦~ 正在<娱乐E世代>直播的@周觅_SJM [赞]

[Trans] @吳建恆KEN* just broadcasted the live evidence of @周觅_SJM browsing through the PTT forums~ <Entertainment E Generation> broadcasting @周觅_SJM live now

(*Ken is the host of <Entertainment E Generation>)

-from 张筱菁's weibo-

Trans by @myeoIchi for @SunshineZhouMi 

一切看似簡單 其實困難重重的任務 終於完成了 內心百感交集 去年的這個時候 我正在首爾和@周觅_SJM 聊著書如何計劃進行 而今年此刻 他在台北和我們併肩作戰著 謝謝我的好戰友@王煒茜 @张筱菁 你們讓我好安心和開心 謝謝韓國團隊的信任 還有二天的電影拍攝 我們繼續奮戰

[Trans] Everything that looks simple, but was, in fact, very challenging, has finally been completed. I have mixed feelings; this time last year, I was in Seoul with @周觅_SJM discussing how to carry out the plans to write this book. And this year, he's now in Taipei working together with us. Thank you to my good partners @王煒茜 @张筱菁 for helping me to feel happy and at ease; thank you to the members of the Korean team for your faith. There are still two days of filming, we must keep fighting

-from 小瑜兒XiaoYu's weibo-

@周觅_SJM @小瑜兒XiaoYu @张筱菁 戰友們,今天終於結束「泰玩美」台灣宣傳行程,排了很多通告,雖然辛苦但讓大家看到了不一樣的周覓,一切都值得,希望下次很快再見

[Trans] @周觅_SJM @小瑜兒XiaoYu @张筱菁 Partners, today we have finally finished the "Thai Perfect" promotions. We filmed a lot of commercials, and although it took a lot of hard work, everyone can now see a different side of Zhou Mi, so it was all worth it. I hope the next time we meet again is very soon

-from 王煒茜's weibo-


[Trans] Really nice person vs. Zhou Mimi @ I Like Radio

-from I like radio 娛樂e世代 粉絲團 facebook page-

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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