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*Junior Editor's special assignment today was to meet with Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi myself! To promote the first travel book he's written, "Thai Perfect," Zhou Mi came to Taiwan for five days to do intense promotions.
*the author is referring to herself

Today, taking advantage of the free time before a show recording, we had a quick Q&A session with Zhou Mi (the Q&A session is not actually included in this article, presumably it will be released later). This was the first time Junior Editor was this close to Zhou Mi!!!! 

Zhou Mi, in private, really is such a warm person; he's very easy to get along with and polite!
This time he's come to Taiwan to promote his book, and posters are everywhere; you've worked hard!!

During his "Thai Trendy" interview, Zhou Mi shared his thoughts on Thailand.

Also, he gave his recommendations on Thai cuisine and tourist attractions; Mimi, speaking very animatedly, also shared what in Thailand appealed to him as a Buddhist.

After Zhou Mi's book is published, this little editor is really looking forward to taking the book and following in Zhou Mi's footsteps, traveling all over Thailand. 

(That tall, straight nose is really enviable )

Next is the Q&A session. Mimi was really looking forward to the Q&A; seeing how much he was looking forward to it was really cute~

However, this Q&A session was the most panicked this little editor has seen Mimi.

Onstage, he really is Gentle Mimi; to my surprise, the audience was very interested in seeing this panicked side of Zhou Mi, and the way he looked holding the microphone was very cute. He also talked about how he puts his disguises on. Mitangs who want to know his answer, please pay close attention to the Q&A session.

This little editor also asked Mimi which SJ member he's closest to, the answer is in the Q&A.
This little editor will secretly tell you: in 2010, Zhou Mi posted a picture~it's the "little dork" in it 

Zhou Mi is also very grateful for the Taiwanese fans' support. Everyone must continue to work hard to give him support together, like family! Nowadays, Zhou Mi has very packed schedules and is now flying to Beijing, jiayou, jiayou!!!

He's in the middle of working hard to sign books; did everyone go to the book signing on Sunday? Then do you have each copy of "Thai Perfect" that he worked so hard to sign?

ELF and Mitangs who haven't yet bought it, go buy it quickly!

Mimi, we're waiting for you to release a "Taiwan is Beautiful", you must come back to Taiwan quickly!


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