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Zhou Mi's close friend reveals that he wears low neck clothes that shows chest even in negative degrees celcius:

SJ-M Zhou Mi and Taiwanese singer Claire Guo are close friends, they are friends who 'eat together, play together but doesn't sleep together', however Claire reveals his little secrets: "Zhou Mi is more vain than me, even in negative degrees cold weather, he wears revealing clothes that shows his chest, when shopping he buys more than me. Even at the karaoke he's always snatching the microphones, he can sing for 3 hours non-stop!". Zhou Mi argues back: "That's because I sing too well".
Claire went on a vacation to Korea, Zhou Mi was her tour guide, he even brought her to Miss A's Meng Jia's place to have a meal together. Claire says: "Korea's weather is really gold, Zhou Mi would rather brave the cold and reveal his chest."

Snatching microphones at the karaoke:

Zhou Mi will never miss the karaoke when he's on a trip to Taiwan, Claire rolls her eyes and says: "Once I compliment him saying he sings well, he becomes very reluctant to let go of the microphone". Zhou Mi touches his head and says: "If someone compliments me of course I have to show more".

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