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@张筱菁北京天气太糟糕,我最终还是难逃感冒的噩运..[泪] 不过刚才看了战友发来的这次台湾宣传的好多花絮,画面好漂亮,谢谢马力把这一切都记录了下来[赞] 听说周末会公开?那我也送个幕后小图吧 [哈哈] @周觅_SJM @王煒茜 @小瑜兒XiaoYu @華版幫

[Trans] @张筱菁 (SM China Rep): The weather in Beijing is terrible; ultimately, I couldn't escape the fate of catching a cold.. [泪] But I just saw that the people who worked with me have sent over the many highlights of the promotions this time in Taiwan, the pictures are so pretty, thank you for working to record everything [赞] I heard that they'll be made public this weekend? Then I'll also give you a little behind-the-scenes picture [哈哈] @周觅_SJM @王煒茜 @小瑜兒XiaoYu @華版幫

@王煒茜: 的,甜「覓」追夢人@周觅_SJM 今天在台灣壹周刊跟大家見面,另外晚間九點中天電視小燕之夜,期待好友來爆料啦!@张筱菁 @小瑜兒XiaoYu @郭靜Claire @華版幫 @唐禹哲@李小龍chris @辰亦儒 @佳臻

[Trans] @王煒茜: Yes, sweet "Mi" dream-chaser @周觅_SJM will meet with everyone today in Taiwan at Next Magazine, and also at nine p.m. SS Swallow Night will be on CtiTV, I can't wait to show my good friends! @张筱菁 @小瑜兒XiaoYu @郭靜Claire @華版幫 @唐禹哲 @李小龍chris @辰亦儒 @佳臻

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