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[Trans] Actually... [思考] I'm really 18 years old [心]

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#Super Junior-M#成员#周觅#首部电影处女作献给方文山《听见下雨的声音》,他以客串身分在片中饰演萌发初恋的大学生,周觅透露初恋在高中时期,但仅交往半年,因上大学受不了远距离恋爱而分手,现年26岁的他渴望谈恋爱,择偶标準一定要会说国语,最欣赏大眼睛女孩,他也自认是「外貌协会」者。

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Super Junior-M member Zhou Mi's virgin movie is given to Vincent Fang's《Hear Rain》,he's cameo appearing in the movie as a college student with his first love, Zhou Mi revealed that he had his first love during high school, but they only lasted half a year, and they broke up because they couldn't keep up with the long distance relationship, the now 26 year old him seeks to be in a relationship, his other half must be able to speak chinese, he likes girls with big eyes, he also admitted he's one of those in the "appearance club"*.

(t/n: *those who take the appearance into consideration)

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