[130419] Zhou Mi's weibo update: replying to birthday wishes~


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哈哈谢谢佳,嘴巴原来就很甜[嘻嘻] //@missA佳:这嘴巴甜的!〜生日快乐啦!〜![蛋糕][蛋糕][蛋糕] //@周觅_SJM:刚坐飞机梦见蛋糕,原来是你啊[蛋糕] [嘻嘻] //@宋茜-fx--victoria:生日快乐[蛋糕]我托"梦"带个蛋糕给你,记得去梦里签收啊〜[嘻嘻]

[Trans] Haha thank you Jia, (I've) always been a sweet talker [嘻嘻] // @missA*: This sweet talker! ~Happy Birthday la! ~ ! [蛋糕][蛋糕][蛋糕] // @周觅_SJM: Dreamt of cake on the plane just now, so it was you[蛋糕][嘻嘻] // @宋茜-fx--victoria: happy birthday[蛋糕] I *will bring you your cake in your "dreams", please remember receive it in your dreams~ [嘻嘻]

(t/n: *Jia's name is actually Meng Jia, and Meng means dreams in Chinese. Victoria wrote it in a way that it could mean she asked Jia to bring Zhou Mi his cake, which seems like the case here)

Trans by @myeoIchi for @SunshineZhouMi 

[Trans] Thank you Henry ge[爱你]

(the post he reblogged)

@周觅_SJM 生日快乐,帅哥![蛋糕][蛋糕][蛋糕]

[Trans] Happy birthday, handsome guy ! [蛋糕][蛋糕][蛋糕]

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