[130424] JK Music Craze: Zhou Mi's greeting for Japan Korea Music Craze's 7th anniversary


[Trans] Hello, hello everyone, I'm Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi. So right now is our "Japan Korea Music Craze"'s seventh anniversary, yay~ It's a super nice show to watch. And every time Super Junior-M comes to Taiwan, we'll all always come on this show. More importantly, this show's host is my friend who I really really really really really really like, Calvin Chen. That's right, it was the brother who just flashed by in only a second! I hope this show can be #1 in ratings. Furthermore, right now Calvin's hosting skills are getting better and better, so I also hope that he can get even better at hosting. And... jiayou! I'll keep coming on "Japan Korea Music Craze" often to meet with everybody. Happy seventh anniversary!

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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