[130425] Article: Zhou Mi "Thai" (a pun on "really") Loves To Shop, Stylists Fight For His Purchases


Popular Korean group Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi recently released a travel book about the food and fashion that made him fall in love with Thailand, always buying such a crazy amount of things that even the stylists come to borrow from him!

Zhou Mi, who comes from Hubei, trained for fame in Korea, so it's logical for him to publish a book for Chinese fans about the food, drinks, and entertainment in Seoul; while it fit, I didn't expect him to release the travel experiences he had in Thailand presented graphically in "Thai Perfect"; Zhou Mi laughed and said, Thailand is inexpensive. If you merely want to rest, don't go to Bangkok, because it's crowded and there are often traffic jams, and it's hard to catch a taxi; the best choice would be to go to Chiang Mai or Phuket and find a bed & breakfast or a hotel to stay at. The undeveloped area is very full, and looking at the natural, beautiful scenery, you'll be in a very good mood.

"But if you want to go shopping, going to Bangkok is OK; there are many fashionable people there." He who loves beautiful things doesn't buy the souvenirs all tourists buy, but buys clothes and accessories instead. "The local designers' works are very creative, and they look like secondhand clothes that have been altered; the stitching is very modern and retro.

"The local Thai clothing brands use very bold colors: yellow and crimson with rivets and the like; it's gorgeous. Unlike South Korea's minimalist styles, where most Korean boys wear clean and partly European and American styles. Compared to practicality, I'm more focused on the sense of design, so I really love Thai designers' work." Zhou Mi talked about shopping, gushing, "I bought a ton of clothes in Bangkok; they all have so much of a sense of design that I can't wear them regularly, only sometimes when I go to the airport and I wear them to show them off, because in South Korea airport fashion is very important. Artists carefully prepare for it, because the fans will follow!"

After going to Thailand several times, Zhou Mi's most extravagant trip was 8 days long, and he spent 5 million won (about $130,000 NTD), mostly on clothes and jewelry; he's accumulated a cabinet full of clothes, and the most expensive thing was a black jacket with a totem embroidered with metallic materials on it, which was about $25,000 NTD. Zhou Mi hasn't even worn it before, because not long after he bought it, he saw Jay Chou wearing one exactly like it at an event and could only comfort himself by telling himself that great minds think alike. "My stylist knows I love to shop, and she's always going through my closet to find things to lend to other artists." And he's generous, lending clothes to his stylist free of charge, because it represents his vision well!

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