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知道我生日不在韩国至亲贴心的提前送我礼物@宋茜-fx--victoria 谢谢[做鬼脸]
[Trans] Knowing I won't be in Korea on my birthday, being a thoughful close kin (she) gave me a present in advance @宋茜-fx--victoria thank you[做鬼脸]

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@IF觅 独家专访周觅:个人活动既兴奋又期待 http://t.cn/zTfpOJM (分享自 @56网)
[Trans] IF觅: An exclusive interview with Zhou Mi: both excited and looking forward to solo activities http://t.cn/zTfpOJM (shared from @56网)

@周觅_SJM: 分享了很多心里话,希望每一个人都可以朝着梦想前进!周觅会继续加油的!
[Trans] Zhou Mi's reblog: I shared a lot of words from my heart, I hope each and every person can move forwards towards their dreams! Zhou Mi will continue to jiayou!

@新浪音乐视频:【Super Junior-M献唱《分手合约》主题曲MV】@电影分手合约 热映之中,而由超人气组合SJ-M献唱的主题曲《完美的再见》MV也于今日正式曝光:http://t.cn/zTfCDVQ 暖伤的色调下,@白百何 与@彭于晏 从两小无猜到坠入爱河,在SJ-M那柔和的声音中产生奇妙的融合。@SuperJunior吧 @周觅_SJM
[Trans] @新浪音乐视频: [Super Junior-M singing the theme song of "A Wedding Invitation" MV] @电影分手合约 (A Wedding Invitation Film) It's the week of the movie's premiere, and the popular group SJ-M's song "Goodbye My Love"'s MV has officially been released today; @白百合 and @彭于晏 (the two main characters) were close friends from when they were children before falling in love later on, and SJ-M's soft song goes with it wonderfully. @SuperJunior吧 @周觅_SJM

@周觅_SJM: <完美的再见>[心] 大家也多多支持<分手合约>[赞]
[Trans] Zhou Mi's reblog: "Goodbye My Love" [心] Everyone please also support "A Wedding Invitation" a lot[赞] 

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