[130409] Zhou Mi's weibo update replying to Zhang Liyin~


(the reblogged post was from SMTown's offical weibo)
超级期待你即将发行的新专辑,偷偷告诉大家力尹这次新歌好好听[嘻嘻]等我回去拿给你《泰玩美》[耶]大家请多多支持超会唱的力尹//@张力尹_riin@周觅_SJM 哥哥还在台湾吗?听说昨天的<泰玩美>签书会超级成功哦![鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌]以前你每次去泰国回来都会讲很多好玩的事儿,所以我也超想去,

[Trans] Super looking forward to the new album that you're going to release, secretly told everyone Liyin's new song is really good[嘻嘻]when I go back I'll bring you a copy of 《Thai Perfect》[耶]Everyone please support Liyin who sings super well // @张力尹_riin (Zhang Liyin, Chinese solo singer): @周觅_SJM Gege yare you still in Taiwan? Heard that yesterday's<Thai Perfect>book signing was a big success! [鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌] Previously whenever you return from Thailand you'll tell us lots of interesting things, so I feel like going too 

Trans by @myeoIchi for @SunshineZhouMi




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